About Me

I'm Amelia Bergeron, a devoted Equestrian who is focused on my education.

Ever since I first sat on a horse when I was five, I've fallen in love with this sport. From my cross-rail days to my current competition in the Big Equitation, I've always embraced competition. Further, the horse-rider bond and the amazing relationships I've formed through my riding career are absolutely unmatched. One of my close friends actually inspired my dream of riding in the Big Equitation Finals. The complexity of the courses and the technicality provides a challenge that I love! 


I also demonstrate my love for a challenge at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. I've always taken the highest level classes available to me. My AP classes push me to be my best, while my riding outside of school teaches me to manage my time well. I have maintained a 4+ GPA for the duration of my high school career while consistently riding. My ACT score, which I took spring semester of my sophomore year, is a 35.

Focused in both riding and school, I am a special type of equestrian.